Throughout my career I have set for myself and maintained the highest in design standards and project management. My strength in leading creative teams, managing design processes, setting goal expectations, and providing the design material for countless successful projects has provided me with the hands-on experience needed to be the qualified designer I am today. My creative drive extends past surpassing the clients' expectations by also sharing my design and creative inspiration through a start-up design community I update daily:  www.design-junky.com 

I find it fascinating how often art and design are greatly overlooked within our daily lives. Whether we like it or not, we see and interact with it at every moment in our daily routine from the clothes we wear, the phone in our pockets, the buildings we reside in, the ads that entice us, the garden landscapes we walk by, the movies and music that entertain and even the chair we sit on while reading this. I challenge anyone to name at least 'one' item around them that hasn't been touched by a designer or artist... it isn't an easy task and I find the very thought Amazing!